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Links For Livvy!!!  (By Abby)

Hi It's Abby again. I was pretty mad when Jack got to do a fundraiser he wouldn't let me build ANY lego houses so I'm happy I got the chance to do a fundraiser! I am selling paper links for $1.00 a piece that will eventually become a Christmas garland that wraps around the whole house!!!! Once you purchase a link I will write your name on it and add it to the garland. I am really excited to get this started and get one step closer to meeting my sister Olivia Mae!!!!  You can purchase the links through the chip in on our blog, Olivia's Reece's Rainbow account, or in person!! Just make sure you let us know when you purchase links, so I can be sure to add your link to the garland! Lets see how long we can get it!!!!! :)

Here's what the links look like:)

 Livvy Mae Bracelets!!!

In addition to Jack's awesome construction zone we've added another opportunity to bring Olivia one step closer to her new life! These are "Operation Olivia" bracelets and we are selling them for $2 each or 3 for $5. You can purchase them through our Chip In and for those of you who do not live close we are happy to put them in the mail! It makes me smile to think about all those arms swinging along about their day, each one of them belonging to a someone who loves Livvy Mae as much as we do! Make sure you let me know when you have ordered one so I can be sure to get all the information I need to get you your bracelet.

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"The House That Jack Built" ....

Is all finished and he did such an awesome job! He raised over $2000 and brought us closer to bringing Olivia home! Great job Buddy!!


  1. Doodlebug, I'm in for twenty links! Tell me where to send my money. I love you, Abs, and can't wait to meet my newest cousin!!

  2. I will also buy some soon on my next payday.

  3. Where is the chip in link? I have searched the blog and can't find it. i would love to make a donation to help bring your sweet girl home.

    1. Thank you!!! I took my chip in down because these beautiful young girls are doing a giveaway for Olivia and I didn't want to confuse anyone. Go to my home page and click on the 4 girls 4 christ link and get an opportunity to win some awesome prizes with your donation!!! Thank you again!