Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Olivia❤️

 As I sit here and watch this beautiful blond haired blue eyed almost 3 year old proudly toddle herself around her glorious world,  a piece of my heart breaks.....  Her name is Tatiana and tonight, I feel very close to her.  She is Olivia's Mother. I know many of you will correct me and tell me that I am her Mother but Tatiana is the one that carried her, loved her and nourished her for 38 weeks.  She gave her life and loved her enough to courageously walk out of that hospital on February 9, 2011, alone.   She knew Olivia needed more than she could give her and only the heart of a true mother could go through that much hurt.  It's because of this, I will forever share my cherished role as Olivia's Mother with this amazing woman.  I have had the very special privilege of being in contact with Olivia's birthfather and I'm comforted tonight by the fact that he knows how much she is loved and that she will be celebrated over the next two days like the princess she was born to be!   Olivia's parents wanted her.  They loved her.  They gave her the name Olga.  They baptized her and devoted her life to Jesus.  They gave her away not because she wasn't perfect.  They gave her away because they did not have the means to care for her.  They knew of the hopes of international adoption and held tightly to their faith knowing God would step in.  And he did just that!

Olivia will be home 2 years in May and continues to bless us with her unimaginable joy!  Tomorrow we will celebrate her 3rd birthday (2nd birthday home) and we are going big!   So a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beautiful Livvy Girl and a giant THANK YOU to all of you who helped us rescue this angel and bring her home!