Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Big Plan.....

As we say hello to our home here in Kaiser for the very last time the true meaning of "bittersweet" is so clear to me. These walls surprisingly hold only the most beautiful days for our family.  Days filled not only health and healing but the most incredible feeling of love.  Love that lurked far beyond the fear and agony watching our beautiful girl go through some of her darkest of days...And she has had her fair share!

Very early on in this terrifying Cancer journey it was difficult to see this "Big Plan" that everyone spoke of.  How in the world did a plan so grand take the most beautiful perfect child and physically destroy her?  Not a day went by that I didn't beg him to come up with something different.  An altered plan, one that didn't involve the pain and heartbreak of Chemotherapy and it's wicked side effects.

As the hundreds of days in the hospital (yes hundreds) ticked by, each brought with it a refreshing start, a new beginning for us..  A mouth sore would heal, old bruises started to fade, a new hair could be spotted growing in and probably the most incredible of all, new lifelong friendships were forming!

Our family has grown over the last 7 months and we will never ever forget the love, support, compassion and incredible care that you all have given us.  Our hearts are full!  Thank you Kaiser Roseville for saving our girls life and providing us the strength we needed to get through each and every day...  We love you!


  Miracles were happening all around us and Chloe was responsible for all of them!  When anyone made the decision to walk through those double doors into her isolation suite, little did they know that they had just been sucked into a world that would change them in ways they never knew possible.  She radiates happiness and it's contagious!  She demands people to see nothing but beauty.  I love that tucked underneath  all the amazing chub, camouflaged within her, is an extra chromosome!  She allows everyone the opportunity to fall madly in love with everything about her.  The fact that she has Down syndrome (and Cancer) does not define this girl!  Chloe has taught us all how to look beyond what is so very visible on the outside and see what it means to have a soul so full of joy not even the most toxic poison could darken it...

 Chloe has been the inspiration for so many people, this tiny girl is changing lives!!!  We have people running marathons biking 100 miles around Lake Tahoe, losing weight, restoring their faith in God, adopting orphans, one sweet lady who has been following along on our facebook group has even quit smoking because of Chloe!  There is even a blood and bone marrow drive in Chloe's honor this coming April!  How awesome is that?  Gods perfect plan is all beginning to make sense...  Because of my sweet girl, lives will be saved!  He knew Chloe had it in her to fight like a soldier and be the change in the world he needed!

This chapter of our crazy lives is coming to a beautiful end.. We thank you all for all everything you have done to help us along the way!  The meals, the childcare, the carpooling the shoulders to cry on and most of all, the prayers! Our beautiful Chloe Bea will be home for good in a few weeks and what a celebration that will be!  See you all on the other end of the Cancer journey...  The SURVIVORS end!!!

Here's a few more pictures of our last weeks home together!

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  1. Oh dear Chloe as I sit here sobbing over seeing your journey those tears go from sadness and anger at seeing you suffer to happiness and joy as you enter into this last phase of kicking your cancer. You will be at home soon for good with your family where you belong. God love and bless you to the moon and back sweet girl! xoxoxo