Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Olivia's Fairy Tale

With all that's going on these days it's very easy to get seriously sidetracked but hidden between her sisters chemo treatments and blood transfusions the most amazing Heaven sent angel girl exists..

 With God as her editor, Olivia has written her own beautiful fairy tale and we feel abundantly blessed to be the main characters. I could never put into words the complete joy this miracle girl has brought into all of our lives. Thinking about the last 5 months of our lives, one would think that our days have been consumed by the agonizing fear that only a cancer diagnoses could bring but honestly, because of Olivia, only continued faith and hope occupy our thoughts! This entire fiasco was perfectly planned and it started with the birth of Miss Chloe Bea. The timeline of events from the day of her birth leading up to these seemingly endless hospital days were orchestrated by God with the most impeccable timing. Had Chloe not graced our family, our hearts would have never lead us to Olivia. Had Chloe been born with the "perfect" number of chromosomes, our hearts would have never led us to Olivia. Had we discovered that Chloe's mutated cell was producing those defective platelets just one week earlier, our hearts wouldn't have allowed us to move forward with Olivia's adoption and this amazing little girl...

...would still be alone.  The thought of that breaks my heart.  Nothing about the last 28 months of life for the Herrington family is a coincidence. The good, bad, and the ugly; it was all part of a heavenly fairy tale with the most glorious of happy endings... Olivia's story has touched endless lives and sharing her with the world has proven to be an inspiration for many more Fairy Tale endings...  Enjoy her incredible beauty...

As for Miss Chloe, what can I say?  She's doing great and spreading happiness throughout the world, LITERALLY!


  1. So sweet, Beth. A perfectly orchestrated fairy tale.

  2. Your girls are amazing and beautiful!! So glad that Olivia is home and praying for Chloe's full recovery!!! It's amazing what these little ones can go through and still manage to smile and laugh! God bless your family!

  3. It's a beautiful story - and you're right....NONE of it is coincidence. In our church - we call that 'GOD-incidence'!