Monday, July 2, 2012

Our 3 prestigious clubs... And Chloe's very special BIRTHDAY WISH... (at the end of the post:)

On July 9th, 2010, we involuntarily joined the first of 3 clubs. On this truly incredible day, our lives, and the lives of so many people that love us, changed forever. Chloe Beatrice Herrington made her entrance into our family and honestly, since that day, every single one of us has had an extra pep in our step! She is a bright spot in this world that nothing could ever make dim. Not even you, Cancer!!!!

So, you may have guessed that our first club is Club Ds (Down syndrome).God is the only one who decides who the members of this amazing club and thankfully he chose us:) The lifelong friendships we have made in the short 23 months that Chloe has been on this earth is more of a blessing than I could even begin to explain. Our family quadrupled overnight! There are many qualifications that he has set in place for the members of Club Ds but the most important one is unconditional love and we have learned the meaning of that kind of love1000x over with Chloe! She has expanded the size of our hearts in ways only God himself will truly understand. We have come to realize today, that he used that unconditional love to guide us directly through the gates (literally) to the membership office of our next club...

Yep..... That's right..... Welcome to Club RR (Reece's Rainbow). Again, this is a club that wasn't in our future family plans. We've been members for over a year now and we have come to understand how this was a club that has had a special place reserved just for us since the beginning! It's through Reece's Rainbow that we have made even more friendships and watched our "family" grow by leaps and bounds yet again! Without the love and support from our RR family, this Heaven sent Angel wouldn't be sleeping next to me at this very moment:)

Club RR is also in desperate need of new members.... There are honestly lives of countless beautiful children depending on this membership to reach max capacity! If you haven't already, please take a second to check out this beautiful club and see what your missing:) If today isn't your time to join, please consider helping out a family that is trying to raise their dues. Here are a few families very near and dear to my heart. They are in a race against time to save the life of their child: The Jaco family lives here in Sacramento and they are working like crazy to bring this beautiful baby boy home!
The next family is the Sheffield Family, also a local Sacramento family. Their sweet boy "Vinnie" needs to come home! He is 4 already and so desperately needs the love of his Mama..
Another Family is the Morse Family. They are in the process of adopting Princess Xenia. Xenia was was my first true love on Reece's Rainbow. Her Mommy and Daddy have already made one trip her country and have now fallen hopelessly in love. Sweet baby is in need of heart surgery, so time is not something Xenia has on her side:( They are still about $8000 short on funds for their final trip to bring Xenia home. Each one of these families, along with many others working with Reece's Rainbow to bring their babies home would do just about anything to complete their life saving mission. Please help if you can! You all stood strong next to us and watched our beautiful "love story" unfold before your eyes. Wasn't all that hard work worth every single cent?

We think so and we're doing everything we can to make sure many other babies have the exact same glorious, happy, fairytale ending:)
So now for the 3rd Club..... This club is one that every parent lives in fear of joining. A club that turns your world upside down in a split second. A club that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. A club that you read horrendous stories about and say over and over to yourself, "But by the grace of God go I". A club that brings the strongest man to his knees in prayer. A club that has nothing to offer except complete devastation. A club that has even the most faith filled person questioning God and his plan...... This club is Cancer and I can't wait to pay our fees and anxiously wait for our membership to expire. I've heard it said so many times that we have become part of an amazing new family. We have already had families reach out to us and offer their love and support. We're truly feeling comforted and much less "alone" in Chloe's fight but I can't help to still wish we never became members in the first place...
As the days inch closer to Chloe's 2nd birthday it takes every ounce of strength to not fall apart. We should be be planning a party fit for a princess but instead the days are filling up with blood tests and bone marrow biopsies:( We plan on celebrating her birthday (July 9th) at home, quietly, with just us. We're saving the huge party for the day Chloe is officially Leukemia free... Who's coming??
Chloe does have a birthday wish however...... We have come in contact with a very special Mother who has fought along side her incredible son and helped him fight Leukemia and kick it in the behind. Jodee is working hand in hand with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by riding in a 100 mile bike ride in an effort to help find a cure and support cancer research for more effective treatments. Chloe's birthday wish is that all of you that would love to do do nothing more than celebrate her birthday with her make a donation to Jodee's Team in training in Chloe's name! This would mean the world to us as well as all the other families battling Leukemia. Please visit her Team Page and support Chloe fight through this remarkable woman!
Happy 4th of July!!!!

Love, Chloe<3<3<3
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  1. I have been missing reading your blog...our family also just joined a Guillain-Barre with our eight year old son. I will be praying for your daughter and I am so touched by your strength and love. I know that with God's help, you all will fight a strong fight and come out victorious! :)

  2. Practically beautifully written. Thank you so much for sharing the link. Keep the faith, keep up the fight. This is a battle to be won. Much love to all of you and a very sweet and happy birthday to Chloe. xoxo

  3. Great post, Beth! I will follow this gal's journey....and Sarah always loves to see your pictures & watch your videos :)


  4. Please accept my affirmative RSVP for Chloe's future Cancer Free Party! Will be praying your family through this fight, knowing fully that the Great Healer is in charge. God bless. (That pic of her is the cutest, ever!)

  5. What a beautiful daughter! (I followed several links here from other RR families blogs.) Praying for your family as they go through the Cancer Club. My father was blessed with 9 extra years, after all the doctors gave him 6 months to a year, by going Back to the Garden. The testimonies page is so refreshing and inspiring. Just thought I would share the link with you.