Friday, June 15, 2012

It's never too late....

How could it be that the most perfect baby girl could miss out on her first birthday party? Not on my watch!!

Olivia's 1st birthday was on February 9th. but we celebrated it today and it was magical!

To think that this is where my sweet baby spent her first birthday breaks my heart:(

Nobody scooped her up on the morning of her birthday, kissed her all over and told her that she is loved more than life itself, but today everything changed! Today was Olivia's day. She was the most important princess in the universe and she knew it!

Today, wasn't "officially" Olivia's 1st birthday, but as far as we were concerned she deserved a do-over and we were all so excited to indulge. Well, maybe not all of us.....

Little miss Chloe Bea was having difficulty coming to terms with the fact that her universe was expanding and there was now another princess sharing the center with her...

She quickly recovered and soon realized that nothing could ever steal her thunder. Especially because soon it was cake time!

We sang Happy Birthday to Olivia and let me tell you I had a hard time getting through it. So many emotions, so many different reasons. How could her mother walk away from this most beautiful gift? Did her parents think about her on her birthday? Do they still grieve? Do they wonder about her? Do they care? If they could only see her now...

What would they think? Would they see her amazing beauty? Would they be sad when they realized that she is truly perfect in every way? Would they be sad when they realize that she is the most cherished baby sister in the world? (Olivia has 4 older biological siblings). Would they realize that cheated their own children out of having a baby sister that would have changed their world in ways they could never imagine?

I don't know where Katie is and yes, Jack is wearing a crown! See how happy he is?

All in all, the day was absolutely perfect, just like it's Queen:

Sweet dreams:)
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  1. Thanks for sharing this special day with us!! <3 She is sooooo beautiful :D

  2. Oh Beth. She is beautiful. What a wonderful family. I think her parents do think of her all the time and wanted to keep her but couldn't due to the culture. I think they still love her and desperately wish things were different. I hope they will find out she was adopted and that you keep the orphanage updated with pictures so the staff (and maybe a long lost sibling looking for her and coming across her orphanage file one day?) will know how very blessed she is. You will be able to give her opportunities that they never could have in her birth country.


  3. Oh, Beth... This post made me cry. She is such a treasure, and your family is the life-changing blessing that she needed. God is so good!
    Lots of love from Auburn!