Sunday, May 13, 2012

Settling In.

Olivia has been in our arms for just a little over 36 hours now. I'm almost positive her longing for her previous home is rapidly diminishing:). She has slipped perfectly into the "baby of the family" role. I promised myself that this time I would do things right and give Olivia the opportunity to put herself to sleep. After all, this was something she was already used to doing so this was going to be a piece of cake! Well.... I failed this assignment within 3 hours of being home. Olivia has rocked herself (literally) to sleep alone in her bed for the last 16 months, it's about time her Mommy takes over:) Does she look like she misses her old way of life?

Olivia is incredible and she truly completes our family! She is a little chatter box and she is finally learning that crying gets her our undivided attention! Sadly for the first day or so she would cry but there were only heartbreaking,silent tears. Her tears were never met with comfort for the first 16 months of her life so she just learned various ways to sooth herself quietly:( Let me be the first to tell you, she's got LUNGS that now accompany those tears and she very clearly lets her needs be known!

Olivia hasn't missed a beat. She's eating and drinking like a champ and rolls herself all over this apartment to get where she wants to go. We're all getting to know each other yet it feels like she's been with us forever! Living proof of Gods perfect planning!

I have had a couple of people ask specifics of our Gotcha Day. So here you go:

The day started at 7:30 when Nico (our driver) picked up us for our last journey to the orphanage. As we drove through the gate the tears started! This was the actual moment that Lee and I have been dreaming about for an entire year. We walked through the doors to Olivia's group and there she was in the arms of my favorite Nanny!

This was the first time we had been given permission to go into her groupa. For 5 weeks we could only go as far as a knock on the door. What was beyond that door was a mystery... Until now! It was beautiful! I know it's not a home, but it was Olivia's home and she was loved. I asked the director if it was okay that I take pictures and he said "absolutely!"

The door we knocked on everyday for the last 5 weeks! It says: Groupa #4

The changing area!

Olivia's cubby. All of her clothes and all those fancy hats she would come out in everyday!

The playroom!

Her bed! They are not put into a crib until they learn to sit up.

Each child has their own bed with their names. This is (WAS) Olya's!

The cribs.

More of the sleeping room.

The kitchen. It was immaculate!!

Mary and Jesus watching over Olivia and all her little friends!

This was above the doorway to the sleeping room. I Wasn't able to get the exact translation but I believe the nanny told us that this was to protect the children from evil.

We said our goodbye's and out we walked! Olivia knew something was different this time! If you have the opportunity watch our Gotcha Day video again and notice how happy she looks when we were walking down the ramp to the car!

I love how she looks up! There was a light shining down on her and she knew what it meant!! God had been preparing her for this moment just as he prepared us... Again, his perfect plan all coming together!

Once in the car Olivia was quiet. She sat so still on my lap ( that's right, no car seats here) and just looked out the window at a world, I'm sure she saw only in her dreams. First stop was the medical checkup for her Visa, which she breezed right through. Next stop, the US Embassy.

At the Embassy we were sworn in by a United States consular officer, asked several questions regarding our adoption and issued Olivia's Visa!! This my friends, completes our adoption process here in Ukraine!!!!! Olivia was a superstar the entire day! We came back to the apartment, fed her some lunch and put her down for her afternoon nap.

She was a dream baby the rest of the day. She went to bed around 9 and slept until 6!

Lee and I feel so amazingly blessed and cannot wait to share our beautiful daughter with all of you! Thank you for sharing this journey and praying with us every step of the way.. We head out on a 6:20am flight on Tuesday morning and arrive home on Wednesday! I will be sure to post as soon as I get back into my crazy life with 6 kids!!!

Jackie!!! How'd I do with the "deets"?

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  1. Nothing else to say, except Happy Mothers Day!!!!! You and Lee are amazing....have a wondeful and safe trip HOME!!!!!

  2. That 'favorite' nanny of yours is the one saying 'ohhlllllya' in the video we took back in October :)

    Unreal to think you're almost HOME...!! Love, love, love.

  3. Wow. Your experience is one of the most seemingly EASY rescues that I've followed!! Praise the Lord. I am so excited that Livvy will be HOME soon. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    God bless,
    Annie from Auburn

  4. What a beautiful video and precious daughter! God bless your family!

  5. YEA! God bless you all. congratulations

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful video. She is just precious. What a wonderful feeling to have her with you always now.

    Carlene's soon to be momma :)

  7. I remember when you first committed to her. I am so thrilled to see she is with you finally!

  8. Congrats!!!!!! She is gorgeous.

  9. have you any idea how in bits i am watching thst video! truly one of the most wonderful things i have ever watched! i am going to share it if you don't mind? wonderful she is just precious xxxx