Monday, May 7, 2012

Passport day with Laura Ingalls!

Such a great day today! We had our first outing with Olivia and she was a dream baby. Let's hope she's this easy on our 2000 hour flight home! We headed to the orphanage with Nico, our awesome driver/tour guide/comedian/HUGE Queen fan!!
Olivia's nannies had her all ready to go and she looked darling! So sweet that they dressed her all up for me to take her out. When the nanny handed her to me she also gave me a bottle, a change of clothes, a burp rag and a diaper. I was so appreciative of the thoughtfulness that went into the planning of our first outing! So NOT how I had heard things were going to be... A pleasant surprise for sure:)
As soon as we saw Olivia today, both Lee and I said she looked like Laura Ingalls.. Remember? Or did I just totally age myself? (hint: Little house On The Prairie) See for yourselves:

How cute is little Laura Ingalls Wilder?
Olivia's passport will be ready on Thursday which means we could fly out as early as Saturday.........however, there are no flights available so were sticking to our Tuesday the 15th departure plans through Atlanta. We will most likely have Gotcha Day on this Friday and we couldn't be more excited to walk out of that orphanage for the last time! I can honestly tell you that Lee and I and most definitely Olivia, will leave her temporary home behind us with nothing but fond memories. She was loved and that is the greatest blessing!
Okay Mom, here are some pictures of a few sights that you have been patiently waiting for!

The Catholic Church right up the street from our apartment.

St Andrew Cathedral. It is so beautiful. This picture doesn't do it justice! This city is full of the most incredible cathedrals each one more magnificent than the last!

St Michaels!!! Doesn't look real does it?

Another view of St Michaels with the bell tower.

Independence Square in center Kiev. A 2 minute walk from our apartment!

More Independence Square.

Beer garden in Independence Square.

The hill we walk up from Independence Square several times a day to our apartment.

The outside of our apartment.

Our balcony and kitchen window 3rd one up!
Okay, that's all the Kiev sights I can handle. I'm the baby photographer! Lee will do a true sight seeing post soon!
7 days and counting:)
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  1. Congrats on your little one. 10 & 11 years ago we adopted our little ones from Ukraine. Seems like yesterday :O))))))

  2. AAAHHH! Just a week to go! How exciting. I can't wait for gotcha day pictures/video. Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy!
    Susan A

  3. I think I speak for everyone in Monday Movers when I say that I can't WAIT to meet little Olya/Olivia/Laura Ingalls Wilder!!!

  4. Yay! So exciting! You will be home soon! :)

  5. How exciting!! Can't wait! :D

  6. She is so stinkin cute in that little bonnet!

  7. Love it! She's such a darling little dolly!