Thursday, May 24, 2012


So sorry for the lack of posting but life with 6 is busy to say the least! Olivia is adjusting beautifully. Lee and I both agree it's as if she's been with us forever. Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for the amazing blessings in our lives. Our family is complete! I promise to write more very soon but for now here's a few pictures of our first weeks with our beautiful Ukrainian princess!

Our trip home! Lets just say this was one of our more peaceful moments:). Olivia was not fond of flying!

Taken by one of our favorite flight attendants!

We had a 17 hour layover in Atlanta so we took advantage and spent the evening with Grandma and Grandpa Sweeney, my sister Kathy and her beautiful girls. Much to our surprise Olivia had her first welcome home party where she met many new friends that have been praying for her since our journey started!

Miss Charlene!!!

Olivia was so excited to meet one of her biggest fans, Kristina!

One of my new headbands that Kristina made especially for me!! I have one for almost every outfit!!

The party was absolutely wonderful and the perfect "Welcome" to Olivia's new life as one of the most cherished United States citizen ever!

The flight from Atlanta to Sacramento was a dream! Miss Olivia Mae slept 3 and a half hours and woke up just in time for lunch and our decent into Sacramento international airport:)

The perfect ending to the perfect fairytale!!
We have TONS of pictures and video of our homecoming and I promise to get them posted soon! We even made the Sunday night news!!!
A few more shots of "home"!

The "twins" after a Morning walk in their new stroller!

Oh the hair......

Chloe loves her new baby sister... Until she sits in her chair!

Beautiful girl!

Jack is the best big brother there is. He loves Olivia so much already and he is so good about still giving Chloe special "Jack time"!

Big sister Abby just can't get enough of her new baby sister and Olivia is obviously so in love with her too!

Protecting Olivia's outtie from Chloe pretty much takes all my energy. She is pulling it every chance she gets. When she gets in trouble for touching it for the 50th time in a 2 minute period she pretends that she is just tickling her:)

Almost believable Chloe! Especially since Olivia thinks she is the funniest thing in the world!
By for now! Airport welcome coming soon.... Promise!
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  1. so utterly gorgeous! that picture of her in the rainbow tshirt...ooooo be still my beating heart! just think she is wonderful, enjoy your new world together xxxx

  2. I've followed your blog on and off for month's...can't express how happy I am that you've brought another little one to you all, you are amazing.