Monday, April 9, 2012

Tonight's visit with our superstar princess...

Unbelievable how far our princess has come. We are starting to make her work a little at each visit. Lee is an awesome Physical Therapist and the two of them work so well together. She gets tired very easily and ALWAYS looks around for Mama. I love it! She is so happy to just be in my arms. She fell asleep on me at both visits today. I cannot wait to be able to hold her all night:) Here are some pictures of tonight's visit.

Her diaper had to be changed an hour into our visit so I had to take her back to her groupa and I fully expected not to get her back. Much to my surprise, her sweet Nanny changed her and brought her back to us in her jammies all ready for bed:) We feel so blessed that she has been so well taken care of. She has spent most of her 14 months in her crib but she has had all her basic needs met better than we ever expected. She has been loved and for that we are grateful. We are happy to pick up where her Nannies left off. A few months of some love and therapy and this girl is going to shine!

Okay Daddy, I've had enough!

Goodnight America!!!

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  1. Just came across your blog through Reece's Rainbow website. Saw her picture and she caught my eye...she's so beautiful!!. I will be praying for you so you can take her home as soon as possible and will be following the blog daily.
    Tons of kisses for sweet Livvy from Spain :)

  2. Happy Tears again! Beth, you two are so blessed!!! I can totally see her transforming in just a few posts. Love and attention are powerful!