Friday, April 20, 2012

She is ours!!!

Olivia Mae Herrington was born today! This child of God was created and gifted to this imperfect world. Knowing that I was chosen once again to be the Mother to one of his most marvelous gifts is an amazing feeling. Olivia looked different today, the director of the orphanage even noticed. She is different! She is a daughter, a baby sister, a cousin, a niece, a granddaughter and a friend! All of this awesomeness is bound to make a change in a little beautiful body! Sometimes it may just be a little overwhelming to be the center of the universe!

Ha,ha!!! We were getting her dressed to go back to her groupa and she wasn't quite ready...

It was a great day! I woke up this morning with an amazing sense of peace. We arrived at the courthouse and escorted into the courtroom at 2:15 pm. The room was filled with representatives of Ukraine Social Services, a prosecutor, 2 jurors, our adoption facilitator, Yulia and of course the judge herself. Lee and I were both asked to speak about why we wanted to add another special needs child to our already large family. The prosecutor asked us about the services we will have in place for Olivia when we get home and if we were financially able to care for her.

I held complete composure until Lee stood up to speak. It's no surprise to anyone that knows my incredible husband that he can capture the attention of any
audience. He had most of the room in tears and thankfully totally distracted by the time it was my turn to speak! I was lucky enough to be holding the photo album my girls made to show off our beautiful life waiting for Olivia back home. The judge asked to see it immediately and by the time it made it to the jurors I'm pretty sure Lee was the only one not crying.. Totally got me off the hook and we were all dismissed! Maybe five minutes later we were brought back into the courtroom and listened as the orphanage director told the court that he and Olivia's caregivers have noticed a change in Olivia. He said she is a happier child and is excited to see us everyday. He also said that he saw an instant bond with us and was overjoyed to see Olivia become part of our family! Once again, tears all the way around... The judge then declared before the entire courtroom that Olga is no longer an orphan and that her name be changed to Olivia Mae Herrington!!! It was a beautiful day indeed!!!

Yep, I'm wiping tears as we walked out of the courtroom.. (thanks to my personal photographer David for catching this moment!)

Lee and I with Yulia outside the courthouse.

We headed over to the orphanage to see our new daughter!

Welcome to the family baby girl!

The day wouldn't have been the same without our partners in crime! David and Melissa... The four of us have by each others sides every step of this "pregnancy". I cannot wait until Monday when their sweet boy joins his forever family. We are planning a big celebration Monday night! We will be forever bonded as will Misha and Olivia! We love you guys! Pease pray for Melissa, David and Misha as they prepare for their day in court!

Goodnight!!! I know I will be having sweet dreams;)
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  1. AMAZING!!! Tears (again!) of complete joy and gratitude. That first photo already got me ;-)

    Love you guys! Congratulations to Miss Olivia.

  2. Happy tears over here!! SO SO happy for you all! And so glad that I'll get to see her soon. What a great day!

  3. TEARS TEARS TEARS...I know all too well how amazing of a day this way for you. We are so happy for you and overjoyed for Olivia. Cannot WAIT to get my arms around her and kiss that amazing face!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoo

  4. I am so overjoyed for your family! Can't wait to see that sweet girl and shower her with love! Congrats!

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  6. So happy for all of you! Mission accomplished and God's plan implemented! Celebrating here with great joy and thanksgiving! Enjoy this surreal time!!!!

  7. Beth,

    I had to hijack my 12 year old's google account to tell you there are tears in Wisconsin! What a marvelous day.


  8. Congratulations! What a beautiful member you add to your already lovely family!