Wednesday, April 4, 2012

She's Arrived!!

What a day! We first met with the director and a social worker that is in charge of Olivia's file. In this meeting we learned that Olivia was the 4th child born to a couple in their 40's. The geneticist diagnosed Olivia at birth as having "Syndrome of downs" ( we got quite a chuckle out of that). Both parents rejected her at birth and she remained in the hospital for 3 weeks due to some breathing difficulties. She was baptized at the hospital and brought to the orphanage on March, 11th 2011 and has been there ever since. Not one person has ever visited or asked about her to this day. I pray one day I will understand and forgive... She is perfection and how anyone has the nerve to turn away and "reject"one of Gods grandest creations is beyond my comprehension.

I have been so full of emotions all day. I tried to gather myself together for our 2nd visit this afternoon but as you can see from the pictures, the gathering failed miserably:)

No surprise to most of you who know me that my babies were all over 10lbs at birth. Surprisingly enough little miss Butterball was 10 lbs 2 oz! More confirmation that she was mine all along! We were also told that in the 13 months that she has been in her orphanage she has never been sick and that she has always been in perfect health. We do have a long hard road of therapy and Dr appointments ahead of us. Due to the lack of stimulation, Olivia has very poor muscle tone. She can hold her head up pretty well but it is a struggle for her and she cannot sit up on her own:( She has almost no resistance in any of her limbs and she has a hard time focusing her eyes. It's clear that although she has been cared for and loved by her Nannies, she has spent the majority of her life in her crib.

About half an hour into our visit this afternoon, she realized that we were strange,
overbearing crazy people and she wanted to go back to her groupa:(She resists any sort of close contact by arching and extending her body. We're told that is very common with orphanage babies but it still tears me apart. Taking her back was so hard for me, but it was what she needed. This is a slow and sometimes painful process of adjustment and I'm in it for the long haul...

I can't wait to go back tomorrow and see our girl! Please pray that she will find comfort with us... I will leave you with my favorite countdown picture of all time.. Here is Olivia with her best friend sweet Aaron.. 0 is how many days that they will have to be without the love that each one of them so deserve..

Goodnight America!!!!
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  1. I got goosebumps reading your blog. Such a sweetie pie:) Olivia is going to a wonderful and loving family, she is going to be just fine. Yep, just fine!!

  2. She's beautiful! So happy for all of you. You are right, you do have a long haul ahead of you, but you can do it! It keeps getting better! :)

  3. Ohhh she is absolutely beautiful!!!! But got her hair shaved.. :(

    I just wanted to tell you that all she needs is love... :) We brought home Jonathan in July right before his first birthday. He could barely hold his head up and couldn't sit up, like Livvy. And now, he is walking just with one handed being held! He too, spend the first year of his life in a crib... We also had to work 1/2 hour to get him to smile, and now he laughs when he just looks at me! :) All she needs is love!

    Soo happy for you guys and Livvy!!

  4. Meant to be yours all along! Love it!!

    I'll be praying that she would be at rest in your arms - and that she would crave your touch. That is one battle that we never had with Carter, and I'm sure it's frustrating.

    What a big girl! Not the baby that I remember! Wow, wow, wow.

  5. OH MY GOODNESS.... SHE IS PRECIOUS AND I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU GAVE HER BACK!!! Thank you for crossing that ocean to get her. Thank you for braving all the paperwork and money issues to be the FIRST one to take her into your arms and tell her you love her. Thank you!! Thank you!!

  6. Oh she is SO Beautiful!! I know you are beaming with so much joy. Congratulations. Hugs from another RR family.

  7. It is so sad how the culture is. I try to look at it as if they think they are doing what's best for the kids, because doctors here used to tell parents the same thing. They would be better off in an institution, you don't know how to take care of them like they need, etc. But still I can't comprehend how parents can just give up like that. I just can't imagine. Hoping that their culture is changing as they see just how much love and joy these sweet children have to give, and how much better their lives would be. So happy for ya'll!

  8. Beth,

    She is gorgeous! I love the pictures with her and Aaron. I can't wait to see a bow or headband in that pretty blonde hair!!!

    Sue - WI

  9. She's SUCH a blondie!!!!! LOVE it! Oh Beth...I have no words. JUST TEARS OF JOY!!!

  10. Happy Tears Beth!!! She is gorgeous and perfect! Just like all your kids ;-)

  11. You're a great mom to ralize she needed some time to adjust. And she is *Beautiful*. God bless you all!

    Susan WD

  12. That word, "reject"... As a biologist, I've come to grips with animals that reject their babies for whatever reason. But coming to grips with humans doing that - it's just so hard. I don't understand how they can be convinced that their babies are better off REJECTED. This has got to change!

    Anyway, your new daughter is beautiful. The pictures make me well up inside. Praise the Lord for His perfect plans! Blessings from Auburn.

  13. Ooooh, these photos are priceless and have me in a mess of joyful tears! Praying for all three of you!!