Monday, April 23, 2012

A Rough Patch

There were some tears today! Mostly happy ones for a sweet boy whom I've come to love so much. The Chellson's had court today and beautiful Misha is an orphan no more! Being witness to another one of God's miracles is something I won't ever forget. What a special bond the four of us have! Our lives will be intertwined forever because of our little Ukrainian Prince and Princess. What a story we will have to tell them. I see a children's book in my future!! Just look at God's handy work:

Love this family and I can't wait for them to get home to Misha's big brother, Ryan!

Okay, so now for the pity, poor me party. I knew going into this adoption that it would be the hardest thing I've ever done but it went WAAAAAAAAY beyond hard about 2 weeks ago. I miss my kids! I want to go home! I am truly homesick. We found out today that our plans for getting Olivia's passport, visa and medical exam fall smack dab in the middle of three holidays here, IN TWO DIFFERENT WEEKS!!!! So what that means for us is no Gotcha Day (the day we break her out) until the 9th of May and we won't be on that plane home at least until the 13th or 14th. I've moved on though and I'm sure tomorrow will be a brighter day! How could it not when I know that this is waiting at the end of the rainbow:

Spectacular isn't she? Even though she's dressed in a boy's clothes!

A few more pictures from today's visit!

Again with the Olya faces!!!!

Peek A Boo!!!!

Yea.... What's wrong with this picture????Little gender confusion?

So all in all it the day ended exactly how it needed to for everyone. Especially for my sweet girl and I!


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  1. That peek-a-boo picture made me giggle :)

  2. Praying for you all! She is beautiful and the gender confusion in that one picture is just ridiculously funny. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  3. So funny about the clothes! :D I, too, laughed when the peek a boo picture showed up! Sorry about the extension, but enjoy your time with Livvy and your husband :D