Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ripple.....

I want to thank you all for the total outpouring of love and support on my last blog post... After our visit last night, my faith was sent into a true spiritual struggle. There is honestly no way I could comprehend how God could allow children to live and die on this earth without ever knowing the love of a family. The post was a therapeutic outlet for me to try and make sense of all the emotions spiraling out of control in my head.
I completely understand the pain and sorrow many of you felt as you scrolled through the pictures of the beautiful children from Olivia's orphanage. Being here, living it, looking into their eyes is something that I will carry in my heart forever. Yesterday I was defeated. For the first time during this process I felt insignificant. Yes, rescuing Olivia has made a change in this universe and I would go through this labor of love a million times over again to save her life. And YES, "It did make a difference to this one.". Tonight, I have an issue with that statement! I'm guilty of using that famous "Starfish" quote over and over again, I am! I do agree with it, but the ripple effect isn't traveling fast enough!! People need to start picking up some bigger rocks to throw in. Rocks that they never thought in a million years they could ever find the strength to carry!
I have received so many emails and messages about the sweet boy from my blog post yesterday, I can't even answer them all! Here's the thing.....This beautiful angel is no more deserving of a Mama and a Papa than any other fatherless child on this earth! God simply worked through him yesterday to shake up my perfect life and open my eyes to world I only pretended to know about. He succeeded, my eyes are wide open now! Many of you are feeling led to adopt him and that makes my heart swell. I am doing all I can trying to find out who he is and if in fact he is actually adoptable. If you are feeling led to this little boy, maybe just maybe, God is trying open your eyes too.... Please allow yourself to look beyond what has been placed in front of you.
Almost a year ago to the day we found Olivia. Believe me when I tell you that we picked up and fell in love with many a starfish before finding her.... I fell in love with (at last count) 12 babies prior to committing to Olivia and each and every one of them is already or are in the process of coming home!! Moral of my rambling is that there are so many faces blessing the pages of Reece's Rainbow ( that are completely available and waiting for their forever families. Open your eyes to the possibilities and what you will find at the end of this rainbow will make you a millionaire a thousand times over!
If any of you want to chat with me about our incredible journey or have specific questions about adoption please do not hesitate to contact me. This is the most amazing experience in my very sheltered life and I'm so honored that GOD CALLED ON ME. My wish is to inspire someone else to pick up the biggest boulder they can and throw it in that pond. Before you know it that one ripple will flood the world, get it?
Gotta end the post with a picture of the most beautiful ripple in the world!!

Here's a couple more from the other day.... We don't do wardrobe changes yet, that'll come soon:)

Is she not just perfection????
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  1. So well put. Each and every one of those sweet babies deserves the love of a family and to know that the very one who created them loves them more than they can EVER know! Praying that many people will pick up that "mountain" they feel is standing in their way and throw it into the ocean and make a HUGE ripple effect for all the fatherless.

  2. Thank you for another great post! You are so right, ALL these children need moms and dads, and sometimes all it takes is one to open our eyes. The reason I appreciate this so much is because I have see sweet Dayton on Reece's Rainbow, and I had considered him, but it wasn't like a total tugging on my heart that he was the "one". Seeing the pictures of him at the orphanage dressed in practically nothing really puts it into perspective! I needed to see that, mostly so I could send it to my husband! I am so desperately wanting to adopt and my husband is very hesitant, I hope seeing the 2 pictures of Dayton will stir something in him to soften his heart. Thanks again for the post, think I will add you on Facebook as I am interested in adopting from Ukraine and if it were Dayton or the "crying boy" how would that be!?

    1. I totally understand Lwinner, my heart is so open & ready for this type of adoption. My husband's is not yet. I pray one day he'll realize what a beautiful gift one of these angels could be. :)

    2. I hope your husband will be too! It's so hard to just sit back and wait. I know God's time is perfect, I do, but man I am just so impatient! Maybe he is teaching me about that? I just have such an ache in my heart that I can't help but feel like there shouldn't be any waiting to get these children out of where they are....All in God's time though, I just have to keep telling myself that and trusting in His master plan...

  3. I think God has so many ways to open our eyes & I do believe he opened yours, not for the sorrow of this boy, but to find him a home. I know he'll find a home & it'll be because he made your heart swell. God lead this boy to YOU! To be his saving grace!

    You speak of only saving ONE baby but think of the LONG line of savers. There was a family/person who opened your eyes to RR & you're opening eyes for other people. Those people, especially any who adopt one of the angels you've posted, are continuing that line. They will inspire someone else to open their eyes, hearts, & lives too. The line will continue on forever.

    I wish I could join the fight & maybe one day God will open my husband's heart. He opened mine during Micah Ray's adoption. For now, I stalk blogs of RR families, donate what I can, & live through all of your journeys. You are an inspiration!

  4. Hi, you don't know me but I've been following your blog for a while and you are such an incredible person with an amazing family. You have such a big heart and I love reading your blog and about little Livvy Mae's journey with you. This has reach more people then you know! (unless there's a counter on the page that tells you how many views there have been)
    God Bless,
    Jennifer Counihan

  5. Beautifully put! May hearts be touched and eyes be opened by your words.

  6. You stated it PERFECTLY!!! God love you!!!!