Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Real Heroes

So many times I've had people tell me what an amazing thing we are doing, how we are changing the world, how selfless we are to leave our families and travel across the world to safe Olivia's life. Yes, we are changing the world by saving Olivia and yes, we are 7500 miles away from the comforts of our amazing lives but the true heroes are the ones we left behind. The people that have placed their own lives on hold and bravely stepped into the complete insanity of ours. My sister Colleen and her husband Frank are those heroes in this story... They packed up their 3 kids, their dog and their hamster and moved 70 miles up North to Roseville and became the instant parents to 8 children. In their first 2 weeks of being John & Kate they have dealt with carpools, school projects, physical therapy appointments, ant invasions, wardrobe crises, overflowing pools and the latest hospitalization of Chloe Bea! The average person would have thrown in the towel pretty soon after the major ant invasion but not Coll and Frank! Every time I talk to them (on Skype) its as if they are on a vacation of a lifetime. Not once have they asked when their nightmare vacation will come to an end or even when we "think" we'll be home. They are the ones who the true burden of this incredible journey fall on and they handle it with such amazing grace! Lee and I will be FOREVER grateful!
Sure, this is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I miss home and my kids so much it physically hurts but because of Colleen and Frank I can remain focused on Gods plan without worrying for one second that my world at home is falling apart. As a matter of fact, tonight Jack told me that we didn't need to hurry home and that the house was much cleaner than it usually is. Nice, thanks Buddy! I love you Sissy and I honestly don't know if we could have done this without you!
There are a couple of other people that without them I don't know where we'd be.. Grandma & Grandpa Herrington, thank you for filling in the gaps with carpools,dog sitting and taking care of all the yard work! Carole and Paula, what can I say???? You are the best friends EVER! Thank you for being my kids second Mother's and loving them while we're gone:) Shelly, you know how much we love you! Thank you for stepping in happily for weekend duty! The kids are in absolute Heaven when they are with you! Last but not least, we need to tell our kids, Katie, LeeAnn, Abby and Jack how proud we are of them and how they are doing such an awesome job helping out while we're gone!
Lee and I love you all and can't wait for you to meet Olivia! As soon as you see this most perfect,amazing gift from God, I guarantee all the past weeks craziness will soon be forgotten!
A few pictures from today's visits:

I tell ya, this girl is freaking hysterical with all her crazy faces!!!

Hard to see in this picture, but she is actually up on all fours which is a huge step for her!! After the first day we met her that seemed months away at least...She is going to blow us all away!

So in love with each other!

And..... I'm done with you people! Take me back to my Nannies and my food! She is so happy to go back with her sweet Nannies by the end of our visits. It broke my heart at first but she loves them. They have been her comfort for the past 14 months. It will be very bittersweet leaving there with her on Gotcha Day... It will however, be a glorious day, that's for sure!
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  1. You have an amazing support network! We all love you and can't wait to meet Olivia. She is doing AMAZINGLY well and so fast!

  2. Her very first photo is EXACTLY the face Carter makes when he's doing his 'sassy sniffs'!! It must be an orphanage thing :)

    Such a little beauty.....

  3. How could we accomplish anything without our amazing support network God provides for us??? Enjoy these last few days before the next chapter begins!!

  4. I'm so grateful of your amazing support system Beth. WOW...a testament to you that you have such giving, caring friends and family. xoxoxoxoox