Saturday, April 7, 2012


With each visit our baby girl is showing us her spunky, beautiful self more and more. She continues to surprise everyday with how far she has come. When the Nanny hands her to me she immediately snuggles right in. She knows where she belongs and she finally is truly starting to bond with us! We put down on the floor last night and I was so hesitant I think because I was afraid of how very delayed she really was. Once again our strong girl proved us wrong! She rolls back to front and front to back like a champ and if you put a toy in front of her she finds a way to get to it! As her Daddy put it, "She is a Superstar!" She honestly is... Stacy, Sue and all our Monday Mover teachers, she is going to blow you away!!!! We are working on getting video to load on my blog so hopefully soon you can all see how far she has come!

Some of you know that Olivia's birth name is Olga. What's funny is that 2 weeks ago we couldn't wait to get here and start calling her Olivia or Livvy but as the days go on we find ourselves calling her Olga, pronounced phonetically, Ohl-Yah! It just fits her! You might remember hearing hearing the Nanny call her that in the video that Carter's Mama, Ashley was able to get for us in October. We had to give our facilitator the name we wanted on her birth certificate and we did stick with Olivia Mae Herrington for her legal name but her nickname, what we will call her, is Ohl-yah..... That's her name, it's the one and only thing that she will ever have from the beautiful Women that loved her and nourished her for the first 9 months of her life. There is a reason that we love the name, we are supposed to keep it, It's a part of who she is.... Some pictures of our day....

Are those lips not the most beautiful lips ever!!??????!!!!

She crosses her fingers like this all the time! It's so cute!

And now for the afternoon visit... She came alive!

She wanted that toy so bad!

She found a way to reach it!

She loved the iPad!!!

I love my Daddy!!!!!!!

Videos coming soon!!!!
Good night America!!!

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  1. Just beautiful! I LOVE seeing the updates. She os blossoming before our eyes.

  2. Perfect ending to my day :) Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  3. She looks so much like she could be Finley & Cooper's sister!!! I can almost see her angel wings. How can I love her already? She is a magical little being.

  4. Hi Folks,
    I am a friend of Dennis (whom I affectionately refer to as "little brother.") I just want to tell you how much I love tuning in everyday for the next installment of this love story. It warms my heart so. Best Regards and God Bless You All~Stacey Maffei