Friday, April 13, 2012

Number 6...

Since day 1 we've noticed that every piece of clothing she wears had the number 6 written in permanent ink somewhere on it. Hats, pants, Jammies, sometimes even her socks are branded with a 6!

We can't figure out the meaning of the 6 other than that our sweet girl is nothing more than an assigned number in her current home... I will say it again that the Nannies in Olivia's Groupa love her and they care for her the best way they know how.It's just not the way she deserves or the way that God intended. It's become obvious to us that because of Olivia's extra chromosome she is not given the same opportunities as some of the other babies in her groupa. We have been told that there are therapists and other orphanage workers that come and work with many of the children. I'm fairly certain that Olivia isn't one of the lucky ones. The muscle tone in her body says it all...We have come to know a wonderful adoptive family from right here in town. They are adopting one of Olivia's roommates, only this little guy is, by this countries standards, perfect. He was abandoned by his teenage mother and found his way to the orphanage. This little darling baby boy could never be adopted adopted by "Americans" because he is not damaged, he is not "one of those babies". A few days ago we were talking to our new friend and he thanked us profusely for coming here and saving Olivia. He said over and over again "God bless you". I hope by getting to know us and seeing how far Olivia has come with just a little love, that just maybe we have made some sort of an impact on him. It all starts with one ripple!

We skipped our visit tonight. We are just so tired of the monotony of it all. Melissa and I figured out that the commute time with the 3 hour visits (in a tiny playroom) make for an extremely long 10 hour day! We did manage to get some smiles from our absolutely perfect princess today.

Along with some typical Ol-yah faces....

She loves her Daddy so much!

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  1. No matter what - DON'T feel guilty for skipping a visit here & there. I felt TERRIBLY guilty, and felt the need to explain ourselves. Baloney!! You need time to recoup! What you're doing is simply EXHAUSTING...then add to that all the walking you do! Really, when you think about it - it's pretty ridiculous!! Enjoy your rest, girlie!!