Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's The Final Countdown!!!!

The night that I have been waiting for is finally upon me....

How in the world am I supposed to sleep tonight? The four of us (The Chellson's too) get picked up at 8am tomorrow and have our appointments with Olivia and Aaron's orphanage director at 9! The fact that Lee and I not only get to be a part of our miracle with Olivia, but be witness to The Chellson's as well has us feeling so very blessed.

Our day started with Lee and I having a breakfast date at a beautiful French bakery.

Oh wait a second, it actually started with Melissa's husband David almost setting the apartment on fire trying to light the pilot on the stove!

After breakfast, Lee and I found a beautiful Catholic church right up the street and was lucky enough to catch the 10:00 mass (in Polish). Didn't matter in the least that we had no clue what the priest was saying, it was probably when of the most spiritual masses I have ever been to! I will get better pictures of the church on Sunday! We found out that they have an English mass at 12:00 for Easter Sunday...

We picked up our referral letter late this afternoon and said our goodby's to a couple other families as they headed out on their 18 hour train trips to their children's regions!

The evening ended with a Face Time date with our babies at home and then an awesome dinner at an Irish Pub around the corner from our apartment. Such amazing memories we're creating! Love our roommates so much!!!

Yep, I had a margarita at an Irish Pub!

Sweet dreams... I know I'll be having them!!!

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  1. Beth,

    I can't wait to see pictures of your little one! Post tomorrow if you can! (Had to hijack my daughter's account to post this!!!)

    Sue - WI

  2. So happy for you. Heart smiles over here thinking about how Olivia has NO idea that her life is about to change.