Thursday, April 5, 2012

I would have never thought....

Those who know me will tell you that the only way I would have ever left the great US of A is aboard a cruise liner headed for some amazing tourist trap of an island. Of which I would have NEVER left the security of the ship! Not only have I left the ship but I have embraced this country like it's the most beautiful island of Hawaii. The old Beth would have driven Lee crazy yesterday morning as we woke up to find no running water and no electricity in our apartment. Instead I said "lets go find that grocery store and tule around the city!"

So out we went... We got very lost of course and never found this market but heck, we found another one instead. Now we have a backup!!!!
Not sure if I mentioned this yet or not but our apartment is at the top of a hill and it's at least a half mile straight up. The first time we trucked back home I thought someone would surly need to call me an ambulance! Now, I do it without even thinking! We figured out that we are walking at least 8 miles a day and most of it is usually up hill. Not to mention the 8 flights of stairs that we walk up 3 to 4 times a day. With the significant decrease in calories and all this exercise it's like my own personalized Biggest Loser! You see, while I have embraced this city and this very different culture, I haven't been too adventures with my diet. I think the live bunny in a cage in the entrance of the first restaurant we went into last week did me in! It all works for me though and I will miss it like crazy when we leave:(
The haul to the orphanage is another adventure all on its own! We hike down to Independence Square, go down into the underground world of Kiev (another post) and walk underneath across town, up another set of stairs to the street, then up a hill to the Metro station. From there we get on an escalator that takes us 1300 feet below the city to the platform. Okay now the Metro experience.... The first time getting on the train, Lee told me to push and shove my way through the crowd and forget all my manners. I just laughed. Yesterday, I think I may have actually knocked someone to the ground! Not really, but I was ALMOST actually pushy and rude and it felt kinda good:) We have about a 20 ride to our stop and then another mile or so walk to Olivia's "temporary home". We do this 2 times a day. I would do it 100 times if it meant I earned even another 5 minutes with my beautiful girl!!

Today we were able to take her outside and it honestly was one of the best days in my life. We shared a moment that I will never forget....

Our first smile!!! It was all mine! I was singing to her and she looked up at me and smiled a smile that honestly lit up the world! It was in that moment I knew she knew....She knew that I was someone very special. Someone who loves her, someone who came to visit only her.. We are pretty sure that she has never been outside. She could barely open her eyes at first but once she did and began soaking it all in it was like watching the greatest story unfold... 14 months in a crib, without feeling the love of her Mama... The words "Nobody has ever visited or inquired about her" keep ringing in my head. They haunt me. I'm learning slowly that the past 14 months don't matter. Olivia's life started on April, 4th 2011... The day our lives became one!
Okay here are some more pictures from Our visits today: I snuck a binkie in and she LOVED it.... Shhhhhhh!

I love this picture. I haven't taken this bracelet off in 10 months!

She will never be without a hand to hold!

She loves playing with my hair:)

Daddy's girl for sure... But I got the first smile, just sayin....
Here are some pictures of the orphanage grounds, they are beautiful and amazingly peaceful!

This was our 2nd visit today but it was short because it was dinner and bedtime!! We almost didn't get to see her but her Nannies last night made it happen! They truly do love her and are so thankful that we are saving her. We will be forever grateful to them...

Night sweet girl!!
Jennifer Sanchez gave me a very special hat that was made for her beautiful Ukrainian Princess Sofia. I never thought the day would come that I actually would be able to put it on Olivia..Well the day came and it wasn't without a whole mess of tears (from me not Olivia).

She actually smiled....
Here is the spectacular Sofia Sanchez wearing the same hat when Jen and Hector fist visited her at her orphanage.. I think that we've started a awesome new trend! Who am I sending "The Hat" to next??????

Love you all! Time to get up and start my day!!
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  1. Crying!!!!! Oh and Lee are my HEROES!!!! Your grace and sense of adventure and your HEARTS will never cease to amaze me. LOVE you both so VERY much and am forever blessed that our two youngest girls will always have a common bond. Sofia was 14 months when we met her too!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beth, the reason that no one visited, or inquired about her is because she is YOUR baby girl. God had it all planned out. :) She is beautiful!! It's so awesome that you got that first smile! Your adventure is just beginning! I bet that girl is sitting up by the time you come home. ;)

  3. amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I am so happy for you! She is beautiful and perfect in every way. Love the pictures, and so happy you are doing well and settling in nicely :) *hugs* Thinking of you guys and praying for you every night!!

  5. precious, each and every one of these pictures :) Praying for everything to go well for this adoption!

  6. Such a precious post! She is a beautiful little girl, and you can tell how happy she is. Really loved the picture of your bracelet and her hand. That is one I would frame ;) In our prayers

  7. Your pictures are seriously making me cry this morning. To see her in your arms. To KNOW that she will never face transfer... there are no words. Thank you for crossing that ocean - for stepping out in faith and terror!! THANK YOU!!

  8. Love all of it. Are the nannies dressing her in sleepers that you brought? Nice!

    Love that big huge smile...she knows her mama, for sure. And yes - you're so right - her life began just a few days ago. The old has gone - the new has come!

  9. Your newest baby girl is beautiful! I enjoy following your journey and wish you the very best.

  10. I am so excited for Sophia and Olivia to have eachother through life :) Your post put a BIG Smile on my face and all those warm happy feelings in my heart!!!! I love you Beth. Thank you for taking me along on this journey of faith with you!
    Biery Family