Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chloe Bea Herrington!!!

Rough day for me yesterday.. We hit the 2 week mark and I was so feeling it.. I miss my family, my friends, my car, my house, my shower, ice in my drinks, actually the list is endless. I just miss my incredible life at HOME. I know Chloe isn't feeling like her happy self but I never once have felt like she needed me. My amazing sister, Colleen has stepped into my life and hasn't missed a beat. Chloe is in incredible hands and Lee and I are so comforted by that. Little did we know that a follow up Dr. appointment was going to end in a ambulance trip to the hospital. Colleen has pictures of Chloe strapped in the back of the ambulance but says they would make me too sad:(

Chloe's been battling a nasty virus that actually started the day before we got on the plane to come here. She had some blood work done and some of her counts have been off. Chloe's amazing Dr has been keeping a close eye on her since we left and Colleen has made several trips back and forth to the hospital getting more blood drawn and consulting with Chloe's Dr trying to come up with an explanation. Yesterday at the Dr's Chloe's oxygen levels were too low so it was determined that she needed to be admitted to the hospital so they could keep a closer eye on her. We got that call at 2am our time and needless to say we haven't been able to sleep much since!

Wouldn't you know that "The Village" has come into full swing during this time of so called crisis... Literally within moments of Chloe being loaded into that ambulance, we had Uncle Frank racing up from the Bay Area to take over at the house. Auntie Paula speeding home from a Santa Cruz vacation to be at the hospital when Chloe arrived. Grandma and Grandpa Herrington picking up kids from school and various sports and so many others making meals and planning the schedules for the upcoming days ahead.. Lee and I are so grateful to all of you who have stepped in and totally rearranged your lives to help us. We love all of you!!

Last we heard, Chloe oxygen levels were holding steady. They will continue to monitor her and let her go home when she can maintain acceptable levels with no assistance. Keep those prayers coming! Auntie Colleen is also holding strong:) Being a Nurse herself, she has been so impressed with the care that Chloe has received. All of Chloe's Nurses (especially you Robyn) are amazing! Thank you to the pediatric staff at Kaiser Roseville!!!! I will keep you all posted. Many of you have asked if you could visit Chloe. Let's see how she is today and I'm sure Auntie Colleen would love some company if the little patient is up for it.. Here are a few pictures.

Auntie Colleen and our very own private Nurse, Robyn!

Thank you again for all you thoughts and prayers! Hopefully she will be going home today or tomorrow...
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  1. I can't imagine this happening while you are so far away. The one bright side, she looks like shes in great hands! Thank the Lord for your amazing family and good doctor and nurse! Praying for you all!

  2. have quite the village, girl!! Awesome!! Praying for your sweet Chloe...and for you guys, too! You're at a hard place - waiting for your hearing, not quite in the homestretch. Keep pluggin' away....praying for you all!!!