Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chance meetings and many blessings!

Our first visit to the orphanage I was a little on edge. The language barrier, the Nannies and just the fear of the unknown had me a little worried. Little did I know that we would meet someone who would soon change my prejudged perspective on this country and Olga's temporary home here at the orphanage.

We opened the door to Groupa #4 and started to walk in to go see our beautiful girl. Suddenly we heard someone behind us "yelling" something in a language that didn't understand and quickly realized that it was directed at us. "Here we go with the scary Nannies and the language barrier!" Out of nowhere came a wonderful man to save the day! He spouted something off in Russian (I presume) to the concerned Nanny and then immediately turned to us and told us (in English) that we are not allowed to go back into the groupa because they are very careful not to spread germs to the babies. And this my friends... was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

His name is Vova and he was there visiting his adorable little baby boy that he and his beautiful wife, Olga ( love her name, just sayin!) are adopting from our groupa. Over the past 2 weeks we have seen him almost everyday and have so enjoyed getting to know him. He has taught us about this amazing culture, given us great advice on orphanage etiquette. In return, we've had a blast teaching him English and sharing stories about our life in America. Vova and Olga are extremely touched that we are giving life to Olivia. "God bless you, God bless you" were the exact words spoken and let me just say those words speak volumes. The tides are turning here and many are seeing children, like Olivia, in a different light. A light like God intended when he created such perfection! I have so much more to share on how we've seen a change in attitudes here but I'll save it for another post..

Today Vova made a special trip to the orphanage during our morning visit. He wanted to give me a Birthday gift, one that will forever hold a special place in my heart and home.

This a beautiful framed picture of the Blessed Mother. This icon is a traditional East European gift given to me with love. I cannot wait to see it in Olivia's room and remember everyday this amazing journey God chose to send me on.

Vova also gave me a beautiful prayer card of St Olga. I can't wait to have it translated!

And here is Vova himself, proudly posing for a picture with Lee, Olivia and his beautiful precious baby boy...

It was another beautifully awesome day in Eastern Europe with some very special people!

God is so good:)
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  1. I absolutely love this post! A little angle on your path...guiding, encouraging and showing the beauty of your Olga's culture and heritage. What a gift! And what a treasure your birthday gift is...birthday blessings all around. Happy Birthday! Keep posting! :) ~Beth