Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Love Story..

We are smack dab in the middle of the most beautiful love story ever written! This baby girl, locked away from the world has so much love to give it's completely mind boggling. Our sweet girl went from total rejection of our love to actually giving kisses in 4 days!!

This is a full blown smooch!!! Daddy asked for a kiss and our smart girl laid one on him! Yep, he cried!!!! Watching her blossom is the greatest gift that God could have ever given us. She LOVES us already. She knows me and when I pick her up she snuggles right in and presses her ear up to my mouth. From the first moment I met her, I would whisper into her ear how much we love and cherish her and about all the love she has waiting for her at home! She listens intently to every word.

To think she has never felt this kind of love before is heartbreaking... We have a lot of making up to do!! We had another 2 great visits with her yesterday. We were able to take her outside both times. We have had nothing but wonderful experiences here with all of the staff at the orphanage. They are so very grateful that we have come to bring "Ohl-yah" home to America. Even with the language barrier they are able to get their message across. Olivia is so well cared for. They honestly do their best with what they have. She is in a different outfit each time we see her and she I always so fresh and clean. When we come for our night visits she is always in her Jammie's and ready for bed. Olivia's Nannies do love her very much, I can see it when they look at her. There are just so many babies in her groupa, it's hard for them to spend any individual time with each of them. I'm sure our experience differs from other families that travel to other regions but I just wanted to say how very blessed we feel:) Now onto more pictures...

As soon as we knocked on the groupa door it opened and out wheeled Olivia all ready for the snow! (except it was 70 degrees yesterday) In this culture, the children are bundled up to go outside like there's a blizzard. So funny... Under this snowsuit, she has tights, socks, a long sleeve onesie and a sweatsuit! Crazy, but it's all she's ever known. Boy, her system will be in serious shock at home. Chloe runs around in just a diaper most of the time.

She is so content in her Daddy's arms. She has ever been around men before in fact the only man she has ever seen is the director of the orphanage and he only comes in her groupa every once in a while. Amazing how so quickly she fell in love with her "Papa".

Love the crossed fingers!!!!!!!!

She's giving Daddy her famous Popeye smile! It's so cute...

Happy Easter!!!

Location:Mala Zhytomyrs'ka St,Kiev,Ukraine


  1. Ohh she's soo beautiful... Such a precious kiss! J has just recently started to do that when we ask for one. :)

  2. Happy Easter!! God is so good!!!!

  3. So cute! And what an amazing transformation from day 1. I'm sure you guys can't wait to get her home. :)

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  5. She is SUCH a Herrington...LOVE her!!! xoxoxoxo