Tuesday, March 13, 2012


No news today.... Thank you all for the prayers.  They're keeping me going!  I can only imagine the celebration when when it's our turn:)


  1. Oh, man! The waiting....I remember that. One family got their date and they were submitted after us. The following week we got the same date as they did, but we had only six days to leave! It's coming!

  2. Waiting is so hard. I've been waiting and waiting for my husband to open his heart to adoption, and guess what? My waiting is over! He wants to move ahead with the initial paperwork and home study! I'm over the moon. He may not be ready for a journey to the other side of the earth for a special needs child (I am!), but even if we end up adopting through foster care, I am so excited to begin the process of giving a family to a child who needs one. Enough about me, though. I also wait patiently with you for your adoption to move forward! I hope one day I can meet you and your family, since we live so close. You have my prayers. God bless!