Saturday, January 28, 2012

Almost There!!!

My sweet girl:)
 I have been waiting almost 10 months to write this post!  The infamous dossier is landing in Olivia's country probably as I write this and that makes my heart leap. We are so close to the day that we now know has been so perfectly planned since the day we were created. Olivia is spending her last lonely days in an orphanage and will soon be home, right where God knew all along she belongs....

A room fit for a princess....

 I want you to meet four amazing young women who have dedicated their lives to God.   In following the path that he has cut out for each of them they have become true Guardian Angels for the beautiful children of Reeces Rainbow.  Alyssa emailed me a few weeks ago and told me that they have felt lead to help us raise those last ransom dollars that will free Olivia forever!  It was honestly an answer to our prayers.  Please visit their blog and see the awesomeness that they are!!!     For just $5 you can enter to win some of the most incredible prizes
 and at the same time literally save a childs life!

Thank you all for you continued prayers and be sure to check back ....  Travel dates will be coming SOON!!!!!!!


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