Saturday, December 10, 2011

Okay, I need to translate this because it's just too darn sweet not to share with the world:

"Here's what's happening in my life!  My family is adopting a baby girl named Olivia.  Olivia lives in an orphanage Eastern Europe.  Olivia's family didn't want her because she has Down syndrome.  I am very excited for Olivia to come home.  My little sister Chloe has Down syndrome and she is the coolest baby ever!  I can't wait to meet Olivia, even though it means that I will have 5 sisters!!!!!"
Notice in Jacks artwork "Olivia Airlines" is flying from her country to America.... It's tough to see through my tear stains:)
I'm in love with this boy!

I must say that this was one of my proudest parent moments.    I honestly know now that he gets it....   He understands that Olivia is his baby sister and she belongs home, playing Legos and Nerf gun tag with him! He has the compassion in his huge 9 year old heart that most adults will never know in their entire lives.  Those of you who aren't lucky enough to know Jack  in person, let me just say he is ALL BOY!  He plays ice hockey, falls out of 7 foot trees and continues playing with an arm that's broken in two places, lives for Nerf gun battles that would put the highest ranking snipers to shame, drives his teachers insane (God bless them) and wouldn't be caught DEAD showing  his soft side (unless there is cash involved).  Yes, I have been known to bribe him for some snuggles and I'm totally okay with that!  However, the little man has morphed into someone that I almost don't recognize.  Little miss Chloe Bea has surly achieved the unimaginable.  She has brought out Jack's inner lovable side.  Chloe hung the moon in Jack's world.  I'm telling you, the circulation is completely cut off from her finger because  he is so wrapped around it!  Poor guy won't stand a chance when Olivia gets here:)   Don't get me wrong,  I so enjoy the new improved sweet boy that is actually sleeping right next to me as I write this! It wasn't that long ago when Jack asked me, "Mom, what is an orphan?"  It didn't take much explanation and within hours the ground broke for "The House That Jack Built"   He listened! He understood! He cares and he is going to make a huge difference in the world, especially in the life of a tiny orphan, and for that I feel fulfilled.

Look at this beautiful boy and the most important girl in the world to him! 

We are moving along in this insanity known as the "Dossier" (the mounds and mounds of paperwork that goes to Olivia's country) and it has proven itself to be the royal pain in the bum that I was warned about.  We are determined to have it completed and sent off to Eastern Europe before Christmas which means we are on track for a second honeymoon across the world in late January!  Please keep us in your prayers..

Abby's Links For Livvy are still available so please consider purchasing some and helping her make a dent in the remaining $4000 we still need to be fully funded.  She is selling them for $1 a link. She will write your name on the link and connect it to make a beautiful Christmas decoration for Olivia to see when she walks through the door to her HOME for the first time!!!!  Remember....  Christmas will remain up in the Herrington household until Olivia gets home and we can celebrate this glorious day together as a complete family!  Thank you for all your love and prayers.

My beautiful babies!

Me and my Chloe Bea!

My girls!

Be still my heart!!

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