Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas x 2!!!!

Merry Christmas Baby Girl
We love you!


 As Christmas creeps closer I am getting more and more excited.  I'm sad that Olivia will spend her first Christmas without us but the kids came up with the perfect solution!  Christmas in the Herrington house will come twice this year!  Our tree will remain up and decorated (the artificial one), our stockings will be left hanging by the chimney and the Christmas music will continue to blast!  Of course, the outside decorations will have to come down:( Only because of the darn home owner rules!!  If it was up to me, the entire street would be lit up until the day we are able to celebrate Christmas with our new baby girl!   Who isn't just a little sad on Christmas day when all the excitement of the day is over?  How many of us yearn for just a few more minutes of watching our children rip through their gifts?  This year, when we close our eyes on Christmas night with our full bellies and our new Christmas jammies on, each one of us will go to bed with the vision of another Christmas morning just right around the corner! An even sweeter celebration because not only will we celebrate the birth of our savior again but we will be enjoying one of the most amazing gifts EVER given to us, our Angel Olivia and Christmas wouldn't be the same without her.   We're coming Livvy and know that your first Christmas will go down in history even if it is in February:) 

We are working hard on our dossier and hope to have it completed by the end of the month.  We have found the most wonderful Notary that has offered to donate all of her services.  This donation will save us a ton of money!

Lee and I sat down last week and started really planning out the logistics of our travel to Olivia's country and we are fairly certain that we will have to make 2 (maybe 3) trips.  A family that just completed their adoption in Olivia's orphanage spent a total of 34 days in country and we just can't leave our kids for that long..  We've figured we need to raise about $4000 more  in order to make that 2nd and/or 3rd trip.  It's hard to think about fundraising again.  It was such a relief when I thought all Olivia's ransom was behind us.  I was panicked at first but all I had to do was remember where we were just a few short months ago and I realized that $4000 was nothing more than a speck of dirt on that huge mountain that we have all worked so hard to climb over!

My sweet Abby was so excited when she heard us talking about needing to raise more money.  She has wanted to have her very own fundraiser to raise money for Olivia since the very beginning.  Jack would have no part of allowing her to help with Olivia's Lego house and I promised her that we would come up with something she could do.  So here it is:

Abby is going to make a paper Christmas garland using cut strips of Christmas paper!  She will sell each strip for $1 and write the name of the person who bought it right on the strip before she links it.  She wants to see how long she can make the garland.  She hopes that it will eventually be long enough to surround the whole house!   I will have this up on my fundraising page by the end of today.  Abby wants to write all the details herself!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of all the goings on in our happy house:)


Chloe in group therapy showing Crew some Christmas love:)

My beautiful Pumpkin!
My favorite shoppers!

Chloe and Crew earlier in the summer!

Santa buns!!!  Of course Chloe has holiday diapers!



  1. Where oh WHere do you get Santa diapers?! I so have to some! (well my babies need to have them...ackhem)


  2. Ohh! I can't wait till she gets it up! :) I LOVE the idea!!! That would be an awesome present to give for Christmas! Let's see... have 9 loops ready, one from each of my big family! ;)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the xmas idea! SO perfect! And I am CERTAIN you will get that $4000 before you know it! It's also something that you can be working on while on your first trip. It will happen!!! I know it! Can we find someone to donate frequent flyer mileage?!?!?

  4. Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)


  5. Hello!
    I just read about your beautiful family in the local newspaper. We also attend St. Clare's Church, but have never met you. We are a family of nine and I used to visit Reece's Rainbow dreaming of adopting a child.....we shall see what God has planned for us.

    I'm so excited about Olivia joining you soon. Praying for a miracle that she can be here and in your arms in the blink of an eye!!!

    Happy Sunday!
    Laura :)