Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Sister Livvy Mae!!!

My name is Abby Herrington I am 11 years old. I thought it might be fun to be a "Guest speaker" on my mom's blog. Last week my mom told me that we are going to see a new picture of Olivia,i was so excited!I laid in bed that night and thought of what she might look like now. When I saw the new picture I was really happy! She was so pretty! I can finally say I have seen a baby that's cuter than Chloe:)! My mom showed Chloe a video of Olivia and Chloe was smiling and clapping liked she knew who it was! I love her so much and cant wait wait to meet my new baby sister Livvy Mae.

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  1. Love it, Abs! I can't wait to meet my new cousin! More girls for Girls Night (though she has a few years before she can join us for that!) xoxo