Friday, September 16, 2011

Plugging Along...

I've been told by many of you that I need to be a little more consistent with my blogging. With Oliviafest planning in full swing, it's a miracle that I remember who I am most of the time!

This is such an exciting time for us and can tell you honestly that I am relishing in each moment of this whole process. Yes, it's extremely stressful at times and the feelings of helplessness can be very hard on my heart but I know that Olivia feels our love,and she is patiently waiting for us.

Our blessings come daily, sometimes it's as simple as hearing a song (usually on KLOVE) but mostly, we are blessed by the support and love of "Our Village". After Oliviafest, I can't wait to sit down and open my "blessing box". My blessing box is a big shoebox (used to be small but we've been blessesd way more than a striderite shoebox can hold) that I keep all the evidence of the outrageously generous people that are fighting with all they have to get our Angel girl home with us. The most amazing thing to me is that a majority of these people have never even met us yet they have a lemonade stand, or a school dance, or they hold bake sales, car washes, sell tutu's, hair bows and even an entire week long run of the musical Fiddler On The Roof!! All for a Baby Girl that they have seen only one tiny picture of. On top of all this we have received numerous monetary donations from Saintly souls that we used to refer to as strangers:) Funny how everything changes when your heart is wide open,it's awesome what a little FAITH can do...

Anyway..... I'll try not to be a stranger but I won't make promises... We will be having our Social Worker visits any day now and then onto the final stages of our paperwork!!!!! Getting closer. Please pray for great success with our fundraiser, I'm secretly freaking out (Shhhhhhhh..... don't tell anyone) Enjoy a few pictures....

Have a great weekend!!


  1. have a beautiful family!!!

    Thanks for your kind and heartwarming comment on my blog. We are so very excited to bring our girl home and it can't happen fast enough! :)

    Praying for your journey and hope that Olivia (oh those kissable cheeks!) will be home with you soon!

  2. Oh I just love your family...the joy is SOOOO apparent in every photo. You are such a blessing in this world! LOVE you all! And it's been TOOOOOO long since I've seen you!!!

  3. love, love, love that pic of Doodlebug & Chloe in what I assume are your glasses. Can't wait to see you guys in just a few weeks!! xoxo

  4. Beth, your kids are beautiful! I cannot wait to see Olivia's smiling face in the mix at the Herrington household! Praying her home swiftly :)

  5. Can we get an Olivia and Chloe update?