Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Girl...

Today I received a couple new pictures of Olivia taken on the same day as her profile picture. At first I was over the moon excited to have more pictures to stare at but after a while, the excitement faded and I found myself really sad. Especially after I pondered this one...
I have been staring into Olivia's sweet almond shaped eyes since May 10th and I knew from the very first time that I saw her that she had been crying before her picture was taken. I was so right.. We're coming baby girl! Sadly, she most likely doesn't cry much anymore from her prison cell I mean crib, because honestly, it doesn't bring her any comfort or even meet the simplest of her needs. This breaks my heart.. When Chloe cries she literally has 6 people physically fighting as they run down the hallway to be the first one through her door. The winner truly feels like they have won the Boston Marathon and have in their arms the biggest most amazing trophy in the universe! That my friends, is how each and every child's cry should be answered. Livvy Mae, when you come home my precious girl, you won't know what hit you! You will have people camping outside your bedroom door waiting to hear any teenie noise. This will justify yet another family triathlon, only to be able to stand tall on that pedestal and proudly hold their gold medal! So exercise those lungs sweet girl because they will get you far in your new home!

Here's a few more pictures of My Girl:

We are in full Oliviafest planning mode so get your tickets, there going fast! Go to our fundraising page for more details...

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh Beth, it's so true. All of you kids adore Chloe and I know they are all so excited for Livvy. So am I. Maybe once you have two little ones I'll get a chance at holding one of them. You're older girls are baby hogs. :)

  2. Oh that last photo is a sweet one too....she is going to THRIVE with the love of your amazing family!!!

  3. Awww! She is SO sweet! So so cute.