Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heaven Sent.....

Earlier today, in the peaceful morning hours I slipped into Chloe's room to see if she changed overnight :) As I lay on the extra bed in her room, (right where Olivia's crib will be) I listened to her breathe and even heard a tiny dreamland giggle, it was glorious! I thought about Chloe's Birthday party and how this precious baby girl has changed so many lives in her 12 months on this earth. I was told by a complete stranger in Target that Chloe, "Oozes peace from straight from Heaven and that looking into her beautiful blue eyes allows one to see into the soul of the Holy Spirit." I will never forget that moment!


Her Birthday party was the perfect celebration of her first year!

She has brought lives back together!

She has made endless people smile!

She has given so many of us comfort in knowing that faith in our amazing God makes anything possible!

Most importantly...

Chloe has saved a life!

Our Home Study will be complete in a few weeks and we have all of you to thank for that!! I have a feeling that our journey to Olivia will move quickly and we need to be there, ready to get on that plane!! Please continue to share our blog and most importantly PLEASE pray that we continue to raise the funds that we need to rescue our baby girl from her lonely crib..

Here's a few more pictures of Chloe's first birthday... Olivia's First Birthday is in Feburary and what a celebration that will be!!!!

Uncle Dennis
Auntie Jocelyne!!
What am I supposed to do with this??
This is quite possibly the best day EVER!!!!!
Time for an after cake swim!!
Thanks for cleaning me up Timmy!!
Thank you God for giving me the best family a girl could ask for!!

Have a great weekend!!!


  1. so awesome! whens Olivias bday? Mine is Feb. 4th. I will defiantally want to party with Olivia lol

  2. Love the photos and what a beautiful post! Love you and that precious girl!