Thursday, July 7, 2011

The 4Th!!

We had a fantastic 4th of July! Spent it with my beautiful Sister In Law, Jocelyne, my brother Chris and their awesome kids at their house in Lake Tahoe. There is nothing like celebrating our freedom in one of the most spectacular places on Earth surrounded by people you love! There was however some empty seats in the car on this trip. Abby and LeeAnn stayed home with friends and helped to take care of the dogs and going through the pictures I realize how much I missed them :(

Is this not the sweetest face?

Chloe was the best sparkler of the day for sure! "She brightens the day of everyone she meets!" Is what a women told us as she was walked by while we were taking this picture..

She's holding a Livvy Mae bracelet.. Very soon she will be holding Olivia's hand!

Cousin Timmy giving Katie a ride out to the boat!

Auntie Jocelyne and her Goddaughter. Love how they are looking at each other!

The bathing beauty taking her afternoon nap!

Jack and Dad out for a ride looking for Tessie, (the lake monster Jack read about)

Beautiful Katie!!

Jack decided her wanted to go "Tessie" hunting without Dad!

Getting ready to go out on the boat. Uncle Chris wouldn't let Chloe come.

Chloe did get her boat ride after all!

Freezing boy! He would have stayed in the lake all day if we'd let him!

Borrowing Auntie Joc's hat!

Love this shot!

Dad giving the board a try!

It was a very cold try!! Poor Daddy..

Thank you for all the prayers for Chloe! She is feeling much better and her blood work came back perfect!!

Hope you all had a fantastic holiday!!

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  1. So glad to hear the blood work came back good! And yes, Chloe does have the sweetest face. :)