Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Moving right along!!!

I remember reading all of the adoption blogs and thinking to myself how relieved I was that it wasn't me going through all that stress. That it was so nice being comfy, snug in the safety of my bed with no worries of traveling to those "horrible" places. Crazy the difference a few months can make. Now I'm right in the thick of it all and I'm loving every single minute of it! The only thing I am having difficulty is waiting to hold my baby girl, to see what she looks like, to tell her how much we love her and especially to make up for all these lost months. Our Home Study will hopefully be complete in about four weeks and our Passports should be here around the same time. All we will need to do then is wait for the money and we can plan our first trip to Livvy's country. We are hoping for late September early October. Not bad right???

I want to make sure to let all you hopeful adoptive parents know that this process is so very simple. It really is. I don't know if our experience is just going smoother than most or if it's just that our lives is full of daily insanity anyway so this is simply "no big deal" for us. Please don't ever be discouraged to follow God's path that he cleared just for you. Our journey to Olivia is going to be a walk in the park compared to what would have become of her life if we never took that call!! Hang on a few more months Olivia, we're coming!!

We have had a great couple of days just hanging out together having some good old summer fun!!

Beautiful cousins!! Katie, Korntney, Grace and LeeAnn

Nothing like a family volleyball game!!! (Girls won by the way!!)
Go Abby girl!!!

LeeAnn serving...

There's a baby cousin missing :(
Chloe in her Reece's Rainbow tutu made by the amazing Kris from "Monkey Business" ( I can tell you where you can get yours and support Olivia's journey home at the same time.)

wooooo's the sweetest baby in the world??? Another amazing creation from "Monkey Business!"

Pool time with my girl!

my little daredevil!!!

She was falling asleep in the pool.

The Puffball...

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Love the pictures!!! Glad that things are going smoothly for you! Wish I could be in your position, but my hubby isn't supportive of this. :) Thanks for what you are doing :)