Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A blog post just isn't enough....

On Saturday, I received an email that 7 week old sweet baby Levi Wion went home to be with Jesus after putting up an amazing fight. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting this precious Angel or his parents yet but along with all my other Sisters, I welcomed Shanel into our Sisterhood and so looked forward to getting to know them. In Levi's 7 short weeks with Shanel and Joe he worked his magic! They realized very soon after his birth just how special they were and that they were hand picked by God to be his parents. I always take great comfort in the fact that God has a plan for each and everyone of us. Shanel and Joe are mourning the loss of Levi and I'm sure that they have even questioned God's plan for them, but their faith has completely taken over. They have heard the word of God and are embracing his plan in the most unbelievable way. They have decided to take all the love, peace and joy that Levi has given to them for the last 7 weeks and use it to become a voice for the Orphans of Reece's Rainbow. Already, in Levi's name, $200 in donations have been made to Olivia. Lee and I are humbled and honored that Olivia will be holding tightly onto a part of Levi as we carry her out of the lonely, dark room of her orphanage. In Shanel's words, Olivia will "blossom" in her beautiful new world with us and Levi will be there with her every single moment. Thank you Shanel and Joe for your courage and please know that we love you and you will always hold a very special place in our hearts!

Precious baby Levi you will live in the hearts of many forever...

This is a Facebook post that Shanel wrote shortly after Levi was called back home. We should ALL live our lives as selflessly as this beautiful family.. Please keep them in your prayers as they continue to work hand in hand on their mission with God.

"I know Levi touched so many of you in such a profound way for the short time he was here on earth and I know everyone wants to help. There is an organization called Reece's Rainbow that I would like to tell you about.

They are a non-profit ministry dedicated to promoting the international adoption of orphan children with Down syndrome and special needs. You see, in many other countries a baby with Down syndrome like Levi would have been put into an orphanage and left in a crib all day long with no one to love and hold him. When he turned 5 he would have been transferred to an institution for the mentally impaired. Reece's Rainbow finds these children and tries to find them a forever home. You can donate money into a child's fund which would help a family pay for adoption expenses. We did all we could to help Levi now maybe Levi's passing can help these other sweet babies. I believe children are like flowers. If you put them in a dark room and don't water them they wither and eventually die but, if you give them sunlight, water, food and love they bloom into a beautiful flower and I think this is especially true for babies with Down syndrome. They need even more help and encouragement and a little extra special help to achieve their full potential. I am making it my mission to spread the word about these sweet babies in honor of Levi. Please donate today. Every little bit helps. Thank you."


  1. Amazing and beautiful. Yes...Levi will live on in Livvy....Bless you all!

  2. So true! My husband and I felt blessed to be picked by God to have our Sarah. Thanks for advocating for these kids, and others who are cast aside, just because they are different! :D

    Elk Grove, CA

  3. Absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time! I wish I had been able to think clearly enough at the time of the loss of our daughter to have made the short life of a beautiful child so meaningful to so many. What a wonderful God inspired plan....

  4. So touching. thanks for sharing that. I was just checking my blog stats and noticed that I've had a few visits referred from your blog so I came on over to check it out! What a beautiful family you have, and how fun to have another baby girl with DS coming to brighten your world even more! May your journey to Olivia be smooth and I'll pray for everything to be OK with your baby girl. Keep us updated!