Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Village..

A little bit about the my Village................ In the days after Chloe was born my two sisters, Kathy and Colleen went into full big sister mode. They had had the entire weight of world on their shoulders and they carried it so very gracefully. They took care of our other kids, made all the phone calls, kept the house cleaned, did the laundry but most importantly, they became the two official residents of "Our Village."

I remember laughing when Colleen told me that Kathy told her "It takes a village Coll!" I laughed because Kathy has always been the bossy one, we jokingly call her the Matriarch of The Sweeney kids. She's the planner, the one who lights all the fires under our six lazy behinds!

Kathy had no idea that the VILLAGE she started building in the rocking chair on my front porch God had already populated long long ago. He filled this VILLAGE with amazing family and friends that love us. He filled this VILLAGE with my "Sisterhood" sisters, that walk next to me on my journey with Chloe but most importantly he filled our VILLAGE with each one of YOU! The people that we may not ever meet but come to our blog every single day to pray with us. Pray for a baby girl thousands of miles away laying alone in a crib waiting for her family to bring her home!

I feel like I will never be able to thank all of you who have moved into our VILLAGE. I will however, be able to promise you that on that glorious day God places Olivia into my arms for the first time I will tell her all about the people that made huge sacrifices, moved into her VILLAGE and worked feverishly to bring her home! I love each one of you and I thank you for the bottom of my heart!

Jack (Olivia's big brother) and I are working on a great idea for a fundraiser and it involves actually building a home for Olivia in her VILLAGE! Check back soon for the details, it's gonna be fun!

Happy Memorial Day!


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